Our Story

   ​In today’s world, it’s all about preserving  Planet Earth for our children and their children’s future, so at ALL-GREEN of South Florida, Inc. we work hard to do just that. The day of cold water pressure cleaning with the help of harsh and toxic chemicals are a thing of the past.

  At ALL-GREEN of South Florida, Inc we use "The New generation of Pressure washing". Before, chlorine and other harsh chemicals were needed to remove dirt, stains and algae from  concrete, decks, walls, roofs etc. 

   ALL-GREEN is changing that by using state of the art equipment and bio-degradable solutions. Our solutions, when needed, are all bio-friendly, people, pet and environmentally safe. Our equipment produces hot water temperatures at 200+degrees which kills molds and algae on contact.  Other pressure washers may take the top layer of mold and algae off but only to return on the next few hot and humid days because the algae is still living in the pores of the materials which gives it a new  base to grow on. With ALL-GREEN Hot Wash, correct pressure and bio-friendly solutions we get deep to the source and kill algae at its base, keeping your property safe & looking beautiful for months longer. 

  We also offer a full range or property management plans for our customers in need of the security and satisfaction that their home is safe and maintained while unattended. Find out more on our services page.  


The New Generation of Pressure Cleaning