▪ Home Owner Associations

▪ Roof:  S-Tile, Flat Tile, Asphalt Shingle

▪ Building Ext:  Walls, Soffits, Driveways

▪ Entry Ways ▪ Fountains ▪ Clubhouses

▪ Sidewalks ▪ Swales & Curbs

▪ Patios ▪ Pool Decks ▪ Pavers & Sealer

▪ Wood fence, decks and docks



​​▪ Store Fronts & Shopping Centers

▪ Office & Medical Centers

▪ Grocery Stores & Shopping Carts

▪ Marinas, Docks & Sea Walls
▪ Sport Complex & Courts

▪ Parking Garage and Lots

▪ Loading Docks & Ramps

▪ Dumpster Clean & Deodorize

▪ City Parks & Community Centers

▪ Gas Stations /  Restaurant

▪ Gum & Graffiti Removal


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​Property Management Service

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We offer a variety of maintenance plans for both your commercial and residential  needs.  ALL-GREEN will customize a portfolio for your property management boards and committees.

Call or e-mail our office for a maintenance plan that works for you.


Contracts & Maintenance Plans

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​​    We offer property management plans for our clients that want the feeling of security while their home and property is unattended. We have basic weekly and monthly inspection plans to total management plans. We will meet other vendor's to allow access into your home and property all while  the home owners feel safe and secure that their home is being watched over and maintained. We offer weekly and monthly inspection reports as well. The risk of  coming into town and finding that there is a problem at the site disappears and gives you the time to enjoy your stay. Give us a call with your arrival date and we will open your home, place outdoor furnishings ,  clean the exterior of your home and have it sparkling for your arrival and stay. We will  see that your arrival is hassle free. Why would you want to spend your valuable family and friends time cleaning or staying around your home waiting to have repairs or area's maintained. When we enter your home on scheduled inspection days, we check all plumbing fixtures throughout the residence for any water leaks/ damages, mold and water intrusion of areas such as under kitchen and bathroom cabinetry, hot water tank areas, etc. We look for any signs of pest sightings around base boards and hidden places.  We inspect all  lighting throughout property as well. We will keep automobile batteries charged for your arrival. 

    Preventative maintenance and periodical inspections have saved  homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs.

    We also offer storm preparation such as closing and opening of hurricane shutters, clearing outdoor furnishings  and securing your home for a storm. We can provide a plan that fits your needs and removes the fears you may have with an unattended property during these times of severe weather.

     As a Florida State Certified General Contractor of 30 years we have the ability to meet all your homeowner needs in a professional and timely manner. 

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